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Sanwa Electronics USA Corp
4012 Preston Rd
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75039
United States

Year Founded: 1947
No. of Employees: 350
Key Personnel: General Manager: Aki Ishikawa
Phone: 972-503-3031
Fax: 972-503-3032

Sanwa Electronics USA Corp Products


With the ever evolving digital world, the demands of high density data centers h... View Product
1 Resource

LC Push Pull Connector

Industry’s easiest installation and removal.A unique pull-slide mechanism enable... View Product

SC Series

The SC Series by Sanwa is the answer to current industry trends to meet the evol... View Product

LC Series

Sanwa’s LC Series delivers the highest optical performance with compact innovati... View Product

MU Series

Providing the benefit of high-density packaging coupled with high optical perfor... View Product

FC Series

The FC Series by Sanwa sets a new industry standard for delivering a consistent,... View Product

All in One LC Adapter Series

Sanwa’s All in One LC Adapters meet the needs of applications where the adapter ... View Product