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Sanwa Electronics USA Corp
4012 Preston Rd
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75039
United States

Year Founded: 1947
No. of Employees: 350
Key Personnel: General Manager: Aki Ishikawa
Phone: 972-503-3031
Fax: 972-503-3032

Sanwa Electronics USA Corp

Engineering Excellence Connecting You and Beyond

 For over 70 years, Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan since 1947, has been dedicated to develop, manufacture and market wide range of innovative connectivity solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

The rapid progress in the broadband and mobile technologies continue to advance the optical communications industry, and how the world communicates at a staggering rate towards Next Generation Networks (FTTx and 5G).  With superior engineering, product designs, quality manufacturing and reliable services, our talented team prides in providing engineering excellence that continues to propel the functionality and simplified operation with improved productivity in electrical, telecommunication, data communication and in a variety of technology applications.

Sanwa’s 70-year success is a derivative of mutual successes achieved through collaborations with our customers, and partners supporting the company’s growth to become one of the leading Japanese electrical and optical connector suppliers. With manufacturing facilities and operations located across the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia, Sanwa is driven to provide our expertise and support all around the globe.

With the ever evolving digital world, the demands of high density data centers have been growing rapidly to help everyone stay connected. The new MPO HD (High Density) from Sanwa is the shortest conne... View Product
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Industry’s easiest installation and removal.A unique pull-slide mechanism enables easier extraction of the connector from high-density packaging. Simply pull the slide back and the latch is released. ... View Product
The SC Series by Sanwa is the answer to current industry trends to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Featuring a convenient push-pull mechanism, the SC Series is designed for single mode, mult... View Product