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100 Chelmsford St
Lowell, MA 01851
United States

Year Founded: 1950
No. of Employees: 1800
Key Personnel: Senior Marketing Communications Specialist: Megan Haley
Phone: 978-656-2500
Fax: 978-656-2695

MACOM Videos

MACOM's Lightwave Portfolio Enables High Bandwidth and Low Latency

In our Cloud connected, apps driven economy delivering services for the forecasted 3.9 billion global internet users in 2019, MACOM’s high performance... View details

100G in the Metro

“This is the year of 100G in the Metro. Information and entertainment supported by Cloud services, Broadband Video, Mobile technologies such as LTE an... View details

MACOM Quad Channel Driver Solution (100G)

MACOM Products for 100G Metro Market

Lowest power transmit solution for 100GbE LR4

Ray Moroney, MACOM's product line manager for Optoelectronics, describes MACOM's latest EML driver solution for 100 gigabit Ethernet applications in C... View details

MACOM's "Lighting the way to 100G and Beyond"

Vivek Rajgarhia, MACOM's Director of Strategy describes MACOM's growth strategy and position in 100G Optoelectronics

MACOM's next generation 100/200 Gbs drivers for Long Haul and Metro Applications

Vikas Manan, Director Product Development, Optoelectronics, Video describes MACOM's next generation 100/200Gbs drivers for Long Haul and Metro Applic... View details