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400 Godin Ave
Quebec City, QC G1M 2K2

Year Founded: 1985
No. of Employees: 1700
Key Personnel: PR/Media Planning Spec: Anne Douville
Phone: 418-683-0211
Fax: 418-683-2170


The FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer, 400G Multiservice Test Solution is the industry's most advanced 400G test module with support for FlexE, 400GE and advanced transceivers. It delivers increased portability and is supported on the FTB-4 Pro for the most compact 400G solution on the market. The module can also serve rackmount applications, wheretwo FTBx-88400NGE modules can be inserted into the high-performance LTB-8 rackmount chassis to test up to 800G, which is ideal for today’s complex and bandwidth-hungry networks.

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