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400 Godin Ave
Quebec City, QC G1M 2K2

Year Founded: 1985
No. of Employees: 1700
Key Personnel: PR/Media Planning Spec: Anne Douville
Phone: 418-683-0211
Fax: 418-683-2170

100G/40G Ethernet & OTN Test Module: FTB-85100G Packet Blazer

The industry’s first compact, portable 100G/40G Ethernet and OTN testing solution. Purpose-built for applications where thorough testing, portability, true ruggedness and ease of use are required; 100G switch and router engine stress tests against demanding corner cases with full-line-rate Ethernet and IP packet generation at over 148 million packets/s.

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100G/40G Integrated Testing Solution - FTB-85100G Brochure
Friday, December 21, 2012
Promotional Material

In today’s competitive market, carriers and network operators strive to deliver the bandwidth required for residential, mobile and enterprise services—a challenge they must meet while reducing costs and improving efficiency. To achieve this increased link capacity, they have chosen to upgrade to 100G, which represents a balanced solution for simplified network operations and reduced capital and operational expenses. Today, EXFO sets unprecedented simplicity in configuring and testing 100G/40G high-speed networks while addressing the explosive growth of lower-rate, packet-based data by using the combined solution of the FTB-85100G 100G/40G Packet Blazer and the FTB-8130NGE Power Blazer Next-Generation Multiservice Test Module in EXFO’s FTB-500 portable platform.