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eWAVE Networks Ltd
Room 1101, EW International Tower
120 Texaco Rd
Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong

Year Founded: 2003
Key Personnel: Director: Julian Chan
Phone: 852-3520-4788
Fax: 852-3544-5765

eWAVE Networks Ltd Videos

eWAVE products + SwiftClean

A video about the eWAVE brand with product introduction, including SwiftClean.


Infinite Cable System - SwiftClean Pen Cleaner. Product Features: -Windows for remaining usage (showing the remain cleaning times). -Thin Thickness. -... View details

Smart Fiber Endface Cleaner

Valuable Handy Fiber Optics Connector Cleansing Tool. Effective and simple removal of oil and dust contaminants.

eWAVE5101 100G Demonstration

A demonstration of eWAVE5101 in P2P connection.

eWAVE Company Video

A video introduce eWAVE WDM product. We provide cost effective and compact product

KCTA 2014 (eWAVE Networks Ltd)

eWave solving today's network challenges with high reliability and new generation products with integrated fiber.