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eWAVE Networks Ltd
Room 1101, EW International Tower
120 Texaco Rd
Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong

Year Founded: 2003
Key Personnel: Director: Julian Chan
Phone: 852-3520-4788
Fax: 852-3544-5765

eWAVE Networks Ltd Products

eWAVE2108H - Cost Effective Multiple Rate WDM Transmission Platform with FEC/Digital Wrapper

eWAVE2108H is a cost effective, 1 RU mini-chassis and multi-service WDM transmis... View Product

Smart Fiber Endface Cleaner

Easy to remove oil and dust contaminants. Space-saving and convenient to carry ... View Product
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SwiftClean Pen Cleaner

Fiber optic infrastructure is becoming popular in various applications, such as ... View Product
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1RU, 100G Transponder Platform - eWAVE5101

eWAVE5101 developed for high capacity and long distance optical transport soluti... View Product

eWAVE4214 - 160G Multi Service C/DWDM Transmission Equipment

A new integrated fiber transmission DWDM platform within 2RU size with total cap... View Product

eWAVE2108 - Cost Effective Multiple Rate WDM Transmission Platform

eWAVE2108 is a cost effective, 1 RU chassis and multi-service WDM transmission p... View Product

40G/80G Multi Service xWDM Transmission Equipment - eWAVE4107

The industry most compact, multi-service and high reliability optical transport ... View Product

2x10G Dual Channel, Multi-Service Transponder

eWAVE's new and compact size of transponder which specially designed for low-cos... View Product

Optical Amplifier Module

A ultra-compact and integrated optical amplifier into WDM platform. It's extende... View Product

oWAVE15xx Dispersion Compensation Module

A product specially designed for pulse distortion removable by placing it near t... View Product
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xWDM Wavelength Mux/Demux Card-oWAVE42xx Series

eWAVE's multiplexer combines multiple signal into one single fiber. eWAVE offers... View Product


1.Two slots for transponder cards(eW61002DW), or management card(eW6102MC)2.Sup... View Product
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oW4601 is a OLP (optical line protection) card used in eWAVE4107/3107, eWAVE4214... View Product

eWAVE5101L OEO 100/40G Media Converter

eWAVE5101L 100/40G media converter is developed for flexible convert different o... View Product

eW61001 Cost Effective, 10G Media Converter

eW61001 is a cost effective, one channels multiservice, fiber to fiber media con... View Product