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eWAVE Networks Ltd
Room 1101, EW International Tower
120 Texaco Rd
Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong

Year Founded: 2003
Key Personnel: Director: Julian Chan
Phone: 852-3520-4788
Fax: 852-3544-5765

eWAVE Networks Ltd

We makes optical networks more simple

eWAVE is a global market leader that develops, manufactures, and markets optical transport systems in the “On-Demand” Optical Ethernet transport and specializes in Wide Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet for the telecommunications and cable industries.

eWAVE understands technology and market evolution which enables us to have a dynamic view of our customers’ network. We can provide solutions to meet the requirements of today and of the future. We make our customers’ network more resilient, more reliable and more adaptable, all at the same time. 

These solutions cover traditional SDH/SONET, Carrier Ethernet, High capacity C/DWDM solutions as well as a common Network Management System. The eWAVE portfolio of CWDM/DWDM, Transport and Access products enable service providers to deploy cost effective, next generation, fiber optic transport systems in metro-core and regional broadband networks. Additionally, the portfolio utilizes the power of its advanced technology to transform traditional systems into miniaturized, simplified, and most cost efficient systems – Service Providers are now able to seamlessly and incrementally integrate Ethernet Services into their networks.

eWAVE provides end-to-end transport solutions built on optical networking technology. eWAVE markets its products directly and indirectly through strategic alliances, as well as distribution and reseller partners worldwide. eWAVE ’s transport solutions have been successfully deployed on a large scale in major telecom networks in Japan/France/South East Asia.

eWAVE was founded in 2006 and is active worldwide.

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