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Bristol Instruments Inc
770 Canning Pkwy
Victor, NY 14564
United States

Year Founded: 2005
No. of Employees: 24
Key Personnel: VP Sls/Mktg: Brian Samoriski
Phone: 585-924-2620
Fax: 585-924-2623

Bristol Instruments Inc Products

Fastest Multi-Wavelength Meter - 438 Series

The 438 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter combines proven Michelson interferometer-b... View Product
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Fastest Optical Wavelength Meter - 828 Series

The 828 Series Optical Wavelength Meter employs a unique Fizeau etalon design th... View Product
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High-Accuracy Multi-Wavelength Meter - 428 Series

The 428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter simultaneously measures wavelength, power,... View Product
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Lowest Cost Optical Wavelength Meter - 228 Series

The 228 Series Optical Wavelength Meter combines high accuracy and exceptional r... View Product
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