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Bristol Instruments Inc
770 Canning Pkwy
Victor, NY 14564
United States

Year Founded: 2005
No. of Employees: 24
Key Personnel: VP Sls/Mktg: Brian Samoriski
Phone: 585-924-2620
Fax: 585-924-2623

High-Accuracy Multi-Wavelength Meter - 428 Series

The 428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter simultaneously measures wavelength, power, and OSNR in order to fully characterize WDM components and WDM transmission systems. The model 428 combines high accuracy and exceptional reliability to achieve the most meaningful test results for the R&D scientist and the manufacturing engineer.

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428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter
Friday, May 11, 2018

Describes the technical specifications for the 428 Multi-Wavelength Meter.